Counselling and life coaching in Leatherhead, Surrey

My Counselling

If your idea of counselling is an un-ending, expensive process please read on. Most commonly I help adults and teenagers with depression, anxiety or worrying, often through exploring specific experiences or relationships. I am also an experienced fertility counsellor and see clients both privately and NHS funded.

In counselling I offer clients:

  • The opportunity to be listened to empathically, without being judged
  • The support to find a way forward that is happier and more fulfilled
  • Some clients switch between counselling and coaching as they work through their challenges

Counselling now takes many different forms from brief to long term and I work to achieve your goals within your budget. I recommend a minimum of three weekly sessions initially, allowing for assessment and exploration.

Clients who come to counselling for the first time often express relief that it wasn’t scary, and that they could talk deeply about things for the first time. While some people benefit from weekly sessions for a few months, many of my clients can move on after five or six sessions, taking some self-help strategies home. Some people also find ‘top-up’ sessions, every few weeks, a help.

See how counselling works

Sandra Hewett Life CoachWelcome to Cloudtalk Counselling and Coaching, my practice that helps you to create change in your life. As a qualified, accredited counsellor and a trained coach my philosophy is one of hope and optimism.

Courses for life coaching and counselling are in Leatherhead, Surrey. I can also work with you online via Skype. If you would like more information call me on 07979 691684.
Sandra Hewett